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08 February 2015 @ 10:39 pm
Catching up with 2014's concerts' posts  
Posting the concerts I went in 2014 which I don't have the capability to come out with a lot of words, aka not-so-memorable concerts.

22 May: Music Matters Live 2014; Japan Night (CREAM, The Oral Cigarettes, Naoto Inti Raymi)

Honest thought; I am not familiar with all the 3 artists, but I try to do some research about them before going to the live to prepare myself.

Managed to get second row thanks to friends although I went slightly late ^^ After all I think it's also good to go concerts with friends so we can get high and enjoy together.

CREAM's performance overall was very enjoyable and they do know how to hype up the crowd. Plus, Minami speaks english so there was no trouble with language and conveying messages. One of the fan in the crowd told her she bought their CD and she was really happy about it.

The Oral Cigarettes' songs are not really my type, plus the bad sound system this event ALWAYS have is turning me quite off too.

Naoto is the one that I am not familiar with the most. His songs are generally pop and the only one that left me a deep impression was the world cup song which I have heard in other languages too. His DJ looks a lot like Imai Tsubasa though and his dancers are so energetic! His MC was also cute with him reciting all the countries he went before and his english was better than I expected.

21 June: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda Collection World Tour 2014 in Singapore

Kyary is back in Singapore for a concert again! Seeing how her first concert in Scape was a sold out, and with more sponsors this time, her concert was held at the new Star Theater!

It was my first time at Star Theater and I was excited to see how it looks and feel like inside, hoping one day flumpool could perform there too because its capacity is 5000 people! Plus I would prefer a concert venue with chairs and an ascending type of flooring so that you won't get blocked by the person infront.

Although the whole theater can seat 5000 people, the tickets sold for Kyary's concert was only limited the first level of the theater.

My seat was a little far, to the extent that I can't remember I bought category 1 or category 2 tickets. My positive thinking of the slope kind of flooring turns out to be a naive one because I still got blocked by the person in front in the end.

The stage was large, if I were to compare with scape's, and with that Kyary's concert this time had much more props! She popped up from a platform in the middle at the opening!

Maybe because now that all the audience had their own space and distance is further, I can feel that this time it's not as enjoyable as the previous despite it being bigger, much more lavish and grand.

Overall in content wise, it was quite an average concert for me. Nothing memorable to me because I don't know her album songs at all. Nevertheless I still listen to her songs whenever she releases something new and would still go to her concert and support.

13 July: Genki Jpop Night (TarO & JirO, Wakahisa Miyu, moumoon, Dempangumi Inc)

Genki jpop night was brought in by a company that has not done any jpop related events before, thus most jpop fans in SG are not familiar with and the turn out for this concert wasn't excellent either. But the company was aware of their limitations so it was hosted in an auditorium at NAFA.

The only one that gave me the deepest impression was moumoon. I really like their music style and Yuka (vocalist) was so cute in real life! Her english is excellent too and so quite a number of their songs have english lyrics. I began to listen to their song right after this concert!

Most of the crowd were Dempangumi fans. Female idol groups always tend to sound high and sharp but Dempangumi was much more higher because their members voice are all high naturally. Though I don't like their vocals I had fun unleashing my inner wota (it's been too long since a female idol group came!)

After the whole event, we hung out at the exit waiting for the artists to come out because Simone wants to try her luck on getting TarO & JirO's signs. We talked with a couple from Japan whom we noticed during the concert because they were really enjoying TarO & JirO's performance unlike the rest. They are huge fans, they flew all the way here for them!

Simone in the end managed to get one of the brother's sign thanks to them (she got rejected at first). The couple were really kind and nice, they talked to us a lot about TarO & JirO and then in the end gave us their TarO & JirO's towels! HOW KIND!! T_T The whole waiting and talking ended quite late so we bid goodbye as we need to catch the last train. I'm not sure whether will we meet again but even if we don't, I'll still remember them!