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17 February 2014 @ 06:50 pm
flumpool special acoustic mini live @ switch 16.02.14  
It's been 9 months since flumpool's last visit to Singapore!

To be honest I find the announcement of them doing a mini-live too sudden. The entry to the live is the taiwan version of the experience DVD and being it a sudden announcement, instocks at CD stores ran out fast. It was held at Switch! I've stopped going to Timbre after I know about Switch this place because I prefer the live bands there, especially hei mu ke! Since I went Switch a couple of times before, I knew how the layout was like and I was very disappointed at first.

Because the stage is very very small. :(

Plus Rock Records said it's free SEATING in first come first serve basis. SEATING! How can that work for a flumpool live?!

So about a week before the live, they announced it was an acoustic session! Now that makes much more sense..


I reached there around 7am on that day and there were 5 groups of people in front of me already. Time passed quite quickly because I was busy with the presents we (I manage to get 25 flumpool fans together to chip in for presents for the members) prepared. Plus I also spent time talking to different group of people and meeting new people <3

We heard them rehearsing and there were similar songs to the day before's live at Jakarta so I was actually expecting a very similar set list. But I was partially wrong!

Set list:

  1. Hana ni nare

  2. Over the rain

  3. In my life (cover of Beatles')

  4. Zheng Ming (chinese version of akashi)

  5. Kimi ni todoke

  6. Encore: Hoshi ni negai wo

I'm so happy this is an acoustic live because I've never thought that I could hear it one day LIVE with my own ears. The media in Singapore would called this their first acoustic performance when it's actually not but still an acoustic live from flumpool is very very rare. And also I have never thought I would hear over the rain, in my life and zheng ming live! Ahhhhh!

This time I think flumpool did a great job in showing their language skills by singing both an english and chinese song! Seiji introduced himself in chinese while the rest were in english! The simple emcee done by Ryuta was in english but after 'in my life' he asked is it okay if he spoke in chinese. He then said something along the lines of "Earlier I sang an english song, but now I would like to sing a chinese song. It is a song written by my favourite band Mayday (& everybody started screaming)'s vocalist Ashin" Everybody knew immediately what it was and started shouting out the title! xD

I had so much eye contact with Ryuta, it feels like back in May 2013 again. After attending 3 lives, I've only come to realise he is very good with eye contact with the fans. It can be gentle, aggressive hard stare, smiley type or eye rape (where he opened his eyes super huge) I was in the third row but the first two rows were low chairs so I'm visually quite obvious from the stage. As usual, I was mouthing the lyrics so I guess that caught his attention again!


Sad to say, Zheng Ming this time is not as touching as Akashi back in May 2013 in Shanghai Dolly where we all sang together. Switch's sound system was very loud so I really can't hear myself at all. Plus with the tables in between us, there's no doubt we can hear each other too.

Members introduction this time did not feature Kazuki eating a bowl of bak ku teh but he did said he love all the food by naming it one by one and Ryuta had to stop him by saying "No more food!" xD What is a MC without any boke & tsukomi role between Ryuta & Kazuki?!

Since we were asked to be seated at all times for the whole session. Ryuta did an unbelievable thing by asking us to stand up AND MOVE FORWARD during encore! The whole crowd went crazy and so did I! Halfway through the song when he wanted to put his guitar down he ended up passing the guitar to the fan (which I happened to know xD) standing right infront of him. He did asked us to sing a phrase like what he do in Japan quite often but honestly, the sound system there is too loud I cant hear a thing! A girl behind me were screaming the lyrics, screaming! not singing! because it's so loud there we can't hear ourselves at all. So I decided to join in too and ended up with a sore throat that night. My legs were nearly cramping with all the jumps I did during encore too!

The whole live ended with a short interview similar to Shanghai Dolly's live last year. The questions were mainly about the new upcoming DVD, best album, tour and one about Ryuta's chinese in which the emcee had the suspicion that Ryuta has a chinese speaking girlfriend and he joked back saying he speaks to a lot of chinese girls. And at that moment Genki slapped his thigh like a "damn it!" reaction, it was so hilarious!!!

After the whole event we waited at the back door but unfortunately due to safety and space my group and I were at the other side of the van (i.e the driver side) in which flumpool will not see us at all if they just enter like this.

But NO! they made the effort to go to the back of the van so they could wave goodbye to us and Kazuki said they will come back and I totally screamed "I will wait for it!!" :D

It was a long wait at the airport and everybody ended up lining up orderly to wait for them again. The staffs went in to check in first so I greeted them all with "otsukaresama deshita". It was another long wait for the members to come out of the car. They finally did after waiting about half an hour and then Ryuta was not with them! X_X

Everybody looked very tired but still gave us autographs. While waiting for Kazuki to sign for me, Daiju-san and a staff were standing beside me and they were commenting like "wow celebrities~ he's popular~" I greeted Daiju-san too and told him today's live was superb! It wouldn't be without him honestly! So happy that he came! ^^ The staff was shouting "no pictures!" and I had such a strong urge to repeat after him because despite that warning, people were still snapping away.......... = =

Told Kazuki while he was signing my poster about my message in flumpool locks. His reaction was.. well, expected. I mean if I were them I would have the same reply too, hahaha but I'm very glad he was listening to my very broken Japanese!

The mystery of why the vocalist was not with them still remain unsolved at present but I manage to spot him later and got his autograph and then he continued to use my marker for other people's sign, lol. He looked really tired too though :( I personally think it would be better if they stayed one night here. Afterall they just spent 2 days at Jakarta before coming to Singapore!

It was such a long day! But it was still fun! Talked to so many different groups of people in which most of them I only met once or twice only, meeting new friends also! :D Fandom is such a great thing \m/

Thank you Rock Records SG, YES933 and Amuse Inc Asia! Hopefully next time when they come back it will be a FULL ONE-MAN LIVE! \m/

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