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Singapore. Admin of Singapore Arashi events organising group; yamaxkaze


My screen name in the internet is 'Rainbowfied'. I thought of it when I started my first blog at 10 years old. If that username gets taken I add "-at" behind it, so that it goes something like "rainbowfied at the domain dot com".


I was more of an anime fan back in 2008 but I moved to Japanese dramas and movies at 2009 after my friends recommended a drama for me. To be honest, life wouldn't be the same for me without that two friends. They didn't know each other initially, I introduced both of them to each other and I was caught in their conversation about Japanese dramas and Johnny's. They strongly recommended me to watch 'nobuta wo produce' and I became a fan of Nakajima Yuto from Hey! Say! JUMP after watching it. From there I expanded my research on Johnny's and ended up being a fan of all Johnny's groups but more of Arashi now.


AAA. AKB48. androp. Arashi. BABYMETAL. Bump of Chicken. E-Girls. EXILE. flumpool. Funky Monkey Babys. GReeeeN. Hey! Say! JUMP. Johnny's WEST. Kanjani8. KANA BOON. KAT-TUN. Kinki Kids. Kis-my-ft2. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. lego big morl. Mizuki Nana. Monkey Majik. moumoon. NEWS. Nico touches the wall. One Ok Rock. Orange Range. Perfume. Radwimps. Sekai no Owari. Sexy Zone. SMAP. Tokio. V6. Weaver. Yuzu.

Mayday. 5566. Sodagreen.

Other than jpop, I'm also into Japanese dramas, variety shows and comedians. It will probably be a longer list than the artists/groups I listen to so I'm going to omit it out.

Adding friends on livejournal

I don't add back users who have a dead livejournal and don't interact/communicate with me. I don't friend lock my posts at all, so nothing to lose.

If you're adding me because of the translations and subbing I used to do for Hey! Say! JUMP, you can stop adding me as I'm not planning to do translations/subbing in the future anymore!

However you can feel free to follow me on tumblr or twitter

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