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22 January 2015 @ 05:55 pm

I am lazy in general but when it comes to blogging, I am SUPER lazy. To think I used to blog so much when I was young!

Thought it's about time I should continue to write down my thoughts for the past concerts I attended in 2014 so that I have something to look back to in the future. But when I checked, I realised I didn't even blog some of the concerts I attended in 2013, hahaha!

Ok, brief recollections for those that I've not blogged about it:

15th June: Mayday NOWHERE World Tour 2013 Tour in SingaporeCollapse )

20th Dec: Earth x Heart Asia Circuit featuring Asian Kungfu Generation x StraightenerCollapse )

28th Dec: Babymetal live in SingaporeCollapse )

Next on my to-do list, catch up with 2014 concerts posts!

29 December 2014 @ 02:51 pm

Since 2015 is coming, here's my obligatory post for the concerts/events I attended in 2014! 2013 can be found here

16 Feb: flumpool acoustic live @ Switch ()
22 May: Music Matters Live 2014; Japan Night (CREAM, The Oral Cigarettes, Naoto Inti Raymi) ()
29 May: Mayday Just Rock It 2014 in Hong Kong (with flumpool as guest) ()
7 June: Radwimps live tour 2014 in Singapore ()
21 June: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda Collection World Tour 2014 in Singapore ()
29 June: Arashi waku waku gakkou live viewing
13 July: Genki Jpop Night (TarO & JirO, Wakahisa Miyu, Moumoon, Dempangumi Inc) ()
1 Aug: flumpool open press conference
2 Aug: flumpool 5th anniversary tour 2014 "Moment" in Singapore ()
9 Aug: flumpool 5th anniversary tour 2014 "Moment" in Yokohama Arena
10 Aug: flumpool 5th anniversary tour 2014 "Moment" in Yokohama Arena
17 Aug: Summer Sonic 2014 in Osaka
19 Aug: Perfume 5th tour "Gurun Gurun" in Osaka Jo Hall
23 Aug: flumpool 5th anniversary tour 2014 "Moment" in Osaka Jo Hall
24 Aug: flumpool 5th anniversary tour 2014 "Moment" in Osaka Jo Hall
30 Aug: Sodagreen AIR World Tour in Singapore
19 Sept: Mayday in F1 Singapore
27 Sept: Mizuki Nana Live Flight+ in Singapore
18 Oct: A-Nation in Singapore
2 Nov: Perfume World Tour 3rd in Singapore
21 Nov: Skechers Sundown Festival press conference & fan meeting session
22 Nov: Skechers Sundown Festival 2014 (Weaver)

3 events
5 music festivals (4 in Singapore, 1 in Japan)
2 short concerts
12 concerts (6 in Singapore, 5 in Japan, 1 in Hong Kong)

Hahahaha! What a year! 2014 would be marked as the first time I'm travelling overseas for a concert. Because of these travelling, I am very broke right now so I'll probably stick around in Singapore for concerts next year. 2015 will also be a year full of doubts as I graduate and worry about my career :(

In the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 I hoped that 2014 would be filled with even more concerts than 2013 and it really did happened! So may 2015 be filled even much more!

Well to start off my concerts in 2015, AAA would be here on 4th April for their first asia tour! Weeeeeee~


I don't know where to start from!

This is flumpool's 4th time in Singapore just within 2 years. Every time before they leave, I'm always telling them "please come back again!" either in real life (at the airport), or through dear flumpool or through flumpool locks (their radio show)

So, it has finally, finally happened!!

There are really a lot of matters that I want to blogged about, so be prepared for the long post!

Read more...Collapse )

The banner is going to Japan! The staffs were carrying it in the airport.

Once again, THANK YOU!

Thank you to all the fans who contributed to their messages!
Thank you to all the fans who co-operate with us for the encore call singing!
Thank you Amuse Singapore, Rock Records Singapore!
Thank you staffs of flumpool, interrobang staffs, flumpool!


Press conference:
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Teenage october issue
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