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25 April 2015 @ 04:56 am
Avengers: Age of Ultron thoughts  
May contain minor spoilers.
Contains references and comparisons from the first Avengers movie.

I just came back from a midnight show of Avengers: Age of Ultron and I feel that I can't sleep peacefully without ranting out my thoughts. It's 4am now, let's see whether I will finish before 5am.

Overall thought: Four words; "too much to process". I don't meant a bad thing but if you're looking for a simple super heroes saves the world kind of movie, like the first Avenger movie, be prepared this is something that you may not be expecting? There is still the overall "super heroes save the day" thing but it took a longer way to it (the movie is 140 minutes). If I were to summarize into a word, "deep".

[Spoiler (click to open)]The reason why it is much deeper than the first one was because

1. Obviously, they work better as a team now, there's a bond
2. The introduction of a new character; Wanda aka Scarlet Witch

Now if you know who and what Wanda/Scarlet Witch does, you'll know exactly why I'll say that.

The opening was something that I did not expect it! I've seen that scene in the trailer but I did not see it coming as the beginning of the movie. There were much much more team work and I loved it! The only thing I was disappointed in was the CG. Somehow there were some parts with not so excellent graphics, it felt like the kind of animations used in movies ages ago. It felt really fake.

Overall humour:
I love Marvel's humour! This time it felt that there were much more as compared to the first movie but the degree of it wasn't very high. Most of them only earned a small chuckle or for some of it, the audience could not keep up with it and lost the moment. It would normally take me on the second time to realise the humour I missed in the cinema.

The "deep" parts of each character:
As for someone who doesn't read the comic and knows the character in depth, this movie has shed some light to me.

For characters without their own movie (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow & Clint Barton/Hawkeye), I was actually quite surprised, especially in Hawkeye's. Whereas characters with their own movies (Captain America/Thor/Iron Man) are relatable and expected.

At first I felt that Tony would be the one who would get most affected emotionally due to the reasons from Iron Man 3. But he took it better than I thought but still, being affected emotionally triggered his decisions in this movie.

Some not-so-important storyline/scenes?:
There was a certain storyline in the film which I felt it was not needed. But it's also understandable why it has to expressed in the film as it explains a certain scene in the opening. Love conquers all?

The too much to process parts:
A lot more issues are brought into this movie unlike the first one when it's just a basic "alien invasion" and "distrust between team mates" issue. Basically the 4 new characters brought in all the new matters to process and not to mention the "distrust between team mates" came back again.

Much more advanced as compared to the first one! More variations came out!

Overall emotions/Plot:
To be honest, Avengers was an average one. You start off with a super heroes team that can't work together well, they were unhappy with the management. "They needed a push (from a sacrifice of a certain agent T_T) " from Nick Fury and then they worked together again.

This time, there were more high and lows, meaning your emotions really went on a roller coaster ride. But there wasn't much variations for it. It was still the same old "trust" issues. There was a particular scene when I thought things were to go well again but then suddenly someone barged in and make a scene out of it, so I thought things were screwed again, but later it turns out it was for the better. It all happened in about, 5 minutes? This was one of the scene that made me think that I had too much to process.

Other than the "trust" issue, "death" was another one, and oh boy, that one really brought my emotions up and down!

Plot wise, the structure is similar to most super heroes movies and the first Avengers movie. However there were much more elements as compared to the first one.

I guess that's about it! I'm not sure whether I would say Avengers: Age of Ultron is good straight away (which is what a lot of people are doing now). I have rewatched the first Avengers movie for Nth times (probably more than 10) however I'm not so sure about this movie, maybe I need a second time to judge it again.