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08 April 2015 @ 01:11 am
AAA Asia Tour 2015 in Singapore ( 3.4.2015 press conference + 4.4.2015 concert live)  
Concert reports:

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Press conference reports:
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nihongogo: http://nihongogo.com/2015/04/an-interview-with-j-pop-group-aaa-at-the-asia-tour-2015-attack-all-around-media-conference-singapore/

Meradio: http://bit.ly/1HYmw0s

I started listening to AAA back in 2008 or 2009, they're one of the first few jpop groups that I listen to back then. But I wasn't a fan of their electro music back then, so I stopped until their recent song, 'koi oto to amazora'. That song is so popular to the extent that people who didn't know AAA loved that song!

When A-Nation in Singapore was announced and when Avex has opened an office here in Singapore, Christie told me maybe it's time I should go back and catch up with AAA's music. To my surprise, I love their recent songs! Not so much of electro now. Now, it turns out I ended up being okay with their past electro songs. Yes, I guessed my music taste has changed.

Christie and I were really sad when A-nation in Singapore's line up didn't consist of AAA. (Their tour clashed with A-nation's date) But I don't blame the management NOW because they probably already had asia tour plans that time! So it was okay to miss a-nation in Singapore!

And so it turns out on the last day of their tour, they announced an Asia tour and Singapore was mentioned!! Avex Singapore however, took quite awhile to officially announce it on their own.

I was not exactly happy to know they're holding their concert in Scape because of the small venue and not so excellent sound system. I believed AAA's market here in Singapore can be slightly bigger than Scape's capacity (i.e RWS theatre's capacity, about 1000). But oh well, let's take one step at a time since it's their first time here!

Although it was an all standing concert, good thing Avex has implemented an entrance number on the ticket. Christie managed to secure our tickets within 2 or 3 minutes and we got number 13 and 14 as our entrance number!

Welcoming them at the airport

This is probably the last time I can welcome any artists on a weekday as I'm graduating and working soon. There was no official flight announcement, however it was easy to figure out if you paid attention! Shinjiro, Chiaki and Shuta updated their SNS on thursday 2nd April morning about leaving Japan. The more obvious ones were Shinjiro and Shuta because it was a photo of them inside the plane already. There wasn't much flights from Japan on weekdays, so it wasn't difficult to guess and track down the flight.

I went alone but some kind fans started an unofficial group for SEA/Singapore AAA fans quite awhile ago and so I joined them for the airport arrival. They're really nice and we have a lot to talk about despite meeting the first time (it's a never ending chat with fellow fans). We were holding a banner and messages printed out in paper for them. There were about 10 of us and 3 Japanese girls.

It wasn't difficult to spot them. The first one to come out was Shinjiro. He was dressed in white with a beanie and sunglasses and holding his bag over his shoulders (honestly, from far you can see it's a fashionable guy). The other members also came out and they gathered together near a pillar which blocked our view. Maybe they were discussing about us, the fans? Most of them wore sunglasses except for Hidaka. Most of them are also in caps or beanies (not a good choice in Singapore!) or hoodie (for Hidaka & Shuta). Shinjiro was the first one to wave at us, a small one. Followed by Nisshi I think?

They took a while waiting for their staffs, which is quite a number of them. Then they took an even longer time hanging around in there despite all their luggages were collected from the belt. Nisshi was taking selfie with his fish eye lens most of the time. A few staffs also took photos of us. When they made a move, Chiaki stopped infront of us and took a selfie with us in the background. Uno, Nisshi and Shuta(?) joined in the shot. Later Nisshi also took a shot on his own which he has uploaded in his blog!!

When they finally came out, we said together 'Welcome to Singapore' to them, after that we just waved and said nothing. We walked behind all of them to the bus bay, stood around waiting for all of them to get in the bus and load their luggage. They didn't draw the bus curtains but we could only see one side of the bus, so we only managed to see Uno & Naoya. Naoya took a photo of us when the bus was driving off and so they left~

Press conference day

70 copies of their latest album, 'Gold Symphony' would be sold at the press conference venue and you will be entitled a hi touch session with the members if you purchase a copy. The sales will start at 12pm, I went there at 10am and there were about 30 plus people in the queue. It wasn't a long wait till 12pm (*ahem* I had longer wait for other groups). After the purchase, it's another 2 hours wait till 2pm for the press conference to commence.

Reiko was our translator and emcee for the press conference. The turn out rate was a little disappointing, was expecting more people since the concert was sold out. The press conference itself has a few awkward moments but it was still okay. The funniest part from the whole press conference was probably Nisshi pretending he understood everyone english when someone from the media asked who's the best and worst in english. Each members took turns to answer questions from the media. Sometimes they asked back questions to us fans for example, what food to recommend. Someone shouted out 'Laksa' and it wasn't till then Chiaki spoke. She whispered to Leader(?) that she like coconut milk in a very cute way and all the guys were laughing and mimicking her XD Following the food question, they prepared pandan cakes for them to eat and we had a fan service from Nisshi feeding leader! Shinjiro saw it and followed by feeding Hidaka! :D

The other question they asked back the fans were how we get to know AAA and most of us answered 'internet'. The answer's a bit hesitant because we somehow know the limitation of their contents over the internet, nevertheless they took the answer and talked about their kizuna gasshuku which was on youtube.

One media representative asked what is the percentage of AAA coming back again in Singapore and Shinjiro answered 99%! I really hope it would be!

The hi-touch session was fast and it feels so surreal! But I still managed to tell them 'aitakkata!' and 'arigatou!' Nisshi was at the last one and his smile was soooo bright! At the end of it a staff passed them a selfie stick/monopod and they took a selfie on stage with us at the background. But too bad it can't fit all 70 of us in the shot. There was a cameraman taking a better photo but I still got blocked by Hidaka completely.

Concert preparations

When AAA asia tour was announced, I think Christie mentioned something about making a board or uchiwa. To my surprise, AAA's fandom has fans doing that and it's until recently I know these types of fans are labeled as AAA wota, which is exactly the same label for hardcore fans of idols (girl group idols, Johnny's). I have never really thought of AAA in the idol aspect, but I think it's a rare chance that I get to bring a uchiwa to a concert so I set my mind doing it. (I bought quite a couple of blank uchiwas from Daiso because there was a period when I had plans to go Thailand for Hey! Say! JUMP)

Procrastination only brought me to do my uchiwa a day before the press conference! Which was their arrival day! Luckily a software that had ready made fonts and text exist and with photoshop and some of my craft materials, I was able to finish it within a day! Sadly I couldn't bring it to the airport, but it wasn't that bad because Grace printed out messages for us to hold ^^

Pen light/light stick was my next problem. A week before AAA's concert in Singapore, I attended Lantis Festival concert. They sold a light stick which is multi colored and it was really tempting for me because I've always wanted one. I managed to control myself by telling myself I need to save that money for AAA's pen light.

To my surprise, the goods for the asia tour has no pen light at all. Now that's my problem.

I don't have a favourite member (yet) so I couldn't decide what color(s) of light stick I should bring to the concert. I did narrowed down a few colors/members but I still couldn't decide one. They were orange for Nisshi, blue for Shinjiro, purple for Uno and yellow for Hidaka.

It was until a day before the concert (press conference day) that I finally decided which color I should go for.


No actually, Hidaka didn't do anything special on the press conference day that caught my attention. It was only till that day I realised my favorite member is him because I looked at him at the press conference even he's not talking. (Partly it was because he kept waving to the fans near him...) Other than that, it was also until then I spoke to Christie about this problem and then I realised how much I can talk about him despite only watching gold symphony tour from nico nico live stream.

So yellow it is!

Concert day itself
Thank goodness for the entrance number system so I don't have to go early to queue. I had class in the afternoon! Left halfway through because it is impossible for me to make it on time if I stayed till the end of my class.

I reached earlier than expected and met Simone and Jac for dinner. Didn't buy any goods although the t-shirt looks nice but size S was already sold out when I reached. I did however still brought my other top 3 members colors light sticks, but gave orange to Simone and Jac. Purple for Hui Xin because she didn't have any, and lend the blue one from a-nation concert to Valerie. And of course my uchiwa was also with me :D

The japan fan club had tour packages for Japanese fans to attend the Singapore's concert. I wasn't curious about the entrance until Valerie asked, so I asked Khai Hui whom was working as an usher that day. Turns out they were going in together with the VIP ticket holders at the same time >.< Eek, there goes my first row...

I was expecting Christie and I to be in the first row because our numbers was 13 and 14! But when we entered there were only space left in the extreme sides for first row so we took second row center in the end. It wasn't that bad although the center member may get blocked completely by the person in front of me.

It was a boring long wait inside the venue before 8pm since we're the first few to enter in....

Set list of the concert from a user from twitter:

1. Party it up
2. Love is in the air
3. Shout and Shake
-Talk 1 (members introduction)-
4. Sayonara no mae ni
5. Lil infinity
6. Music!!!
7. Niji
-Making of asia tour video-
8. Koi oto to ama zora
9. V.O.L
10. Show time
11. Love

1. Hurricane Lily, Boston Mari
2. We can sing a song ~777~
3. Wake up

*sigh* I know it would be short, but it really felt too short! Most of the songs, as expected, were the newer songs.

The concert started around 8.10pm and after the opening overture, the instrumental intro for party it up started playing for awhile then Nisshi go "clap your hands~" and the members came out in costumes in navy color with sakura prints!!! VERY PRETTY! The colors are similar to the asia tour t-shirt. The choice of putting 'party it up' as the first song is also perfect to get all of us SUPER hyped up!!! We were screaming for each members' solo lines and you can see each member is super hyped up too from all of their jumping and dance!

'Love is in the air' was next and Hidaka greeted us "what's up Singapore!" before his rap in the opening and he cued us for the "oh oh and oh" parts. A slight incident did happen in this song, there was a loud pop sound before Nisshi's line after the chorus. Nothing wrong with his mic though, for a moment I thought a bulb broke, most of the members turned back to look at Nisshi too.

Talk 1 was members introduction. All the members were sweating a lot by then and I remember Hidaka half removing his jacket XD Later I heard from the Japanese fan beside me, that during other members introduction, Nisshi was checking whether Hidaka's chikubi can be seen through or not, HAHAHAAH!

The beginning of the first talk was Leader greeting us, "Singapore, were you waiting for us?!" and even asked whether was it conveyed. Uno was still surprised at the fact that us, the crowd could understand Japanese. Leader continued by saying this is their first stop for the asia tour and hope all of us will have fun. He also asked whether we like AAA (hahahaha) of course the crowd shouted back "Daisuki!" Finally they moved on to members introduction,

Shinjiro was first and as expected he used english, "What's up! I'm so glad to meet you guys! It's too hot! But let's have a great time tonight, okay?"

Chiaki (in japanese): "Are you having fun everyone? I'm so happy. I'm Itou Chiaki. Let's enjoy till the end!"

Shuta and Hidaka used a mix of english and japanese.

Halfway through the introduction of other members, the japanese fan (whom I think is a Hidaka fan) beside me noticed I was a Hidaka fan told me there's an opening space in between the two person infront of her, so that I could put my uchiwa there for them to notice. My uchiwa was honestly 100% blocked by the person in front of me so it can only be seen by members who were at the sides. But Hidaka was near the center during the introduction so he probably didn't notice. She even helped by pointing to it saying out, not in a loud voice, "please notice this!" I was so touched by her actions! T_T

Nisshi tried his very best in english,

"Hi. My. Name. Is."
*crowd shouts Nisshi!*
"You know me? NISSHI! CALL ME NISSHI! Okay?"
... <- Nisshi trying his best to continue and the crowd cheered for him
"I can't english. I can't speak english. Okay? I can't speak english. "
"I love you."

Uno used english too but unlike Nisshi, it was perfect! Leader was last and it was all in japanese with prompts "will you have fun together with us?" etc. Uno said our tension were very high and Nisshi said in a weird high voice "they're so happy" in english, and you can totally imagine him with a goofy face when he says that! Uno then asked him "are you happy?" he replied in english "happy! I'm very very very happy!" still in the weird high voice and goofy face XD Uno did notice his high voice and told him that and Nisshi still replied it in english "high voice!" Uno couldn't be bothered anymore and just said "beautiful! Okay..." then Leader took over in a final greeting with us and moved on to the next song.

I love 'Sayonara no mae ni' the harmonising parts are so nice! 'Lil infinity' is still quite new to my ears but the tune is somewhat common, it makes you feel like you heard something similar before. Both songs blend well together because 'sayonara no mae ni' fades into 'lil infinity' without me realising!

I was soooooo happy when 'music!!!' came on! It's one of my favourite old song that I listened to many years ago when I first know them! They started throwing the colored signed balls to the audience in this song. Chiaki was kind enough to give one to the first row which ended up in Simone's hands!

Was also glad that they sang 'Niji', which is a very good song for concerts in my opinion, with the clap clap jump beat (seriously, is there a term for this rhythm? There must be right?!) and waving of hands. The songs that GReeeeN writes for other artists are always so good! ❤ They went backstage for a costume change and a video started playing. It was a video showing the planning process for this asia tour with comments from individual members.

After the video footage, the members came out in another costumes, all in white and the girls had flower laurels on their head, it's so beautiful! And to pair up the beautiful costumes, it's 'koi oto to ama zora'!

V.O.L was same as the gold symphony tour with them teaching us the dance moves/furi for it. It wasn't difficult ^^ I'm glad 'show time' was performed too because it won't be enough if there is only one dance tune for the whole concert!

'Love' IS MY FAVOURITE SONG FOR THE CONCERT. Why, you ask? Because Hidaka was right in front of me and he gave so much fan service since he didn't have any parts in this song until his rap, which is at the end of the song. The amount he gave was countless! I can only confirm he saw me in this song through out the whole concert despite giving so much fan services to everyone. He winked, pointed at me, I pointed to my uchiwa and he nodded!!!! :D

Encore call wasn't a complete success. The fans had a project to sing 'bokura no te' last chorus. Perhaps it's because it was an old song so not a lot of the audience participated in it. What was worst was the proper encore call which was "Tori-A" and 3 claps. It's a mystery why the japanese fans who came all the way over did not participate in that encore call. The encore call was extremely soft in my opinion..

Encore; hurricane lily was er.. expected. But I still love it because it was a very fun song with the twirling of towels and jumps!!! I didn't buy a towel though, because I have too many towels (from other events) T_T

The talk part after hurricane lily was long! I loved it! They noticed a group of guys jumping very high during the song and requested them to do it again for everyone to see. Leader asked back the same question 'how we get to know AAA'. Everyone's answers were all over the place so Leader cued us to say it together. Simone, Christie and I shouted "youtube" and they took it and even make a sort of joke/gag about it! The boys pronounced it as "youtubeeeee~" and they cant stop at all XD

Uno tried asking for an example on what we saw from youtube but everybody's answers were all scattered, she followed up by saying they did hear us singing 'bokura no te'. She's really surprise because it was a very old song dated back in their debut era. Leader wanted us to sing again infront of them and so we did! Somehow most of us faded in the last 2 lines because it was too low and all the members immediately stopped us and say "it's okay! Dont mind about it! Thank you!!" HAHAHAHAH

Hidaka and Nisshi continued their "youtubeeeeeee" joke and even joke it with "thank youuuuuu". Nisshi dug in more to our "youtubeeeeeee" by asking what did we see before we went to search 'AAA' on youtube. It really is a tough quesetion for myself because I can't remember and neither can I just say I came across your songs in the internet?

They heard answers "a-nation" and "NHK". A group of fans were trying to say "tumbling" (Nisshi's drama) but Nisshi hear it as "happening". Everybody was confused until Nisshi finally heard it correctly XD Hidaka tried to pose like a gymnast as if he was the one who was in the drama. They also managed to linked "NHK" to "kouhaku".

Uno talked about their last visit to Singapore, which was 2 years ago for the filming of kizuna gasshuku. They never thought that they would come back to Singapore within just 2 years. They mentioned they ate chilli crab and Uno was wondering whether we were all good with the clutches used to break the crabs' shells XD Nisshi made a joke "crush crush" but Uno ignored him and moved on by asking what's the popular food now. We repeated the same answer laksa and then more people suggested bah kut teh. They had difficulty understanding what was it though (why didn't the company bring them to try that?!) we all tried our best to explain what was it, luckily they heard us saying "soup" very fast.

Most of the members were still confused how to pronounce it, we even spelled it out for them. Shinjiro kept mishearing we spelled it as "pe" instead of "te", all of us tried frantically to express "te" to them! We pointed to our hands, which was "te" in japanese, some people at the back did a cross with their fingers, lol!!

They asked was it spicy because it seems that Uno and Nisshi are not good with spicy food. Nisshi tried to express spicy, he did a lot of hand action on his lips and said "hot hot action action" HAHAHAHA!! It was priceless!! XD He said in japanese that he was glad he was about to convey it through gestures.

Nisshi wanted us to help him translate "exchange money from japanese yen to singapore dollar" but it took him quite awhile to figure out he was suppose to say that in japanese first and let us do the job in english. Shinjiro & Uno had to help him a couple of times until he get it. He was suppose to say "how do you say ____ (the words in japanese) in english?" but he started off by saying everything in english XD to the extent by starting the sentence off as "excuse me!" We finally managed to teach him two words, "exchange money". The rest of the members thanked us for that and say we're all very warm and they would love to live in Singapore forever! :)

It was such a long and funny MC but unfortunately, things have to move on so they continued with their last 2 songs, 'we can sing a song ~777~' and 'wake up'. It was so sad that the concert ended, I tried my best for the second encore call but it seemed like in the whole crowd only a group of japanese fans and my group of friends were shouting for the second encore call. The second encore call failed eventually when the staffs opened the doors and even ushered us away :(

Personal thought of Hidaka, my favourite member/bias: This is the first time I see him perform live, and I only can associate one hokkien word with him, 'hiao'. I don't really know how to describe it in english... Narcissist? Vain? The way he moves and dance around gave off this aura. But hey, that doesn't mean I dislike him now, in fact because of this I like him even more now ❤ AND NOT TO MENTION THE AMOUNT OF WINKS HE GAVE. Why wasn't this captured in the concert DVDs?! I didn't know he gave SO MUCH fan services! I can feel my face burning as I type this...

After watching AAA live for the first time, I must admit I've become a bigger fan of them now. As much as DVD shows how a concert is like, nothing beats watching them with your own eyes and up close! They are all very talented individually, their professionalism is also worth praising. Their dances are all so sleek and perfect! I really hope they would keep their promise about 99% chance of coming back to Singapore!
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