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25 June 2014 @ 08:21 pm
radwimps in Singapore 07.06.2014  


Radwimps held an asia tour this year and Singapore was their last stop!

I wasn't really very familiar with radwimps but I bought the tickets to support japanese artists who come here for a concert. However I did tried my best to research about their songs and I really like some of their songs!

The concert was held at TAB in Orchard. It was my first time there! It was a little small but the sound system and lighting was good! (Better than scape's...)

This time I went with June, Simone, Christie, Yi Ding and Elene who decided to join us at the very last minute when we were queuing! The official queue should start at 5pm but of course there were fans who can't wait to see them who queued earlier. We went to queue around 4.30pm and was situated about front middle.

Some fans did a very very beautiful banner for us to sign or write a message for radwimps. Too bad I forgot to take a photo of it but the design was the latest album art. Another japanese staff fan were collecting messages in paper also for them.

We were in the 5th row when we entered and I was standing beside a Japanese mum with her son. The mum however chose to stand at the side after the first few songs so I was eventually standing beside her son. The guy most probably a high school student here, was such a big fan! He sang to almost all their songs and were so enthusiastic through out the whole concert. I must say his enthusiasm got into me too & I really enjoyed the concert!

The talking part was kinda funny with Satoshi speaking chinese (it was not bad!) and other members trying their best in english but then it ended up almost the whole crowd understood japanese so Noda teased that Akira spoke in english for nothing XD

What was even funnier was Noda made a mistake with the next song and Takeda had to whisper to him that he got the wrong song. Noda praised he's always that serious~

The concert ended with only 1 encore and the front row fans were able to shake all the members' hands from the close range.

Although I would say I haven't heard half of the set list before, Noda's vocals really attracted me. As expected live music is still the best~ and with TAB's sound system it got even better. Thank you radwimps! Hope to see you again soon!